Food Technology and Food science and nutrition

Food industry is one of the fast growing field with a growth rate of 10-40%,and contributes to 14% of GDP and 13% total Indian exports. This industry is providing ever demanding job opportunities like, food scientists, food technologists,nutritionists, diet counsellors, food production production managers,food safety officers both in public and private sectors.

Skilled human resources in this field are comparatively low. Food Technology and Food science and nutrition courses impart the knowledge about understanding the composition of food, processing to enhancing its taste, safety and nutritional value. These courses not only help to address the malnutrition and lifestyle diseases in the society but also help in producing skilled human resources in this evergreen and most demanding field.

Important Benefits of Yoga for Students

1. Academic improvement

Research over the past years has shown yoga to have stress relieving powers on students, giving the way for improved academic performance with the practice of Asana, Meditations and breathing exercises.

2. Boosting Memory

With stress anxiety and negative thoughts sidelined through meditation, yoga brings fourth thoughts that you need to be focusing on. Recent studies have shown that yoga has batter results then brain training. Yoga is a recommended therapy for student as well as adults.

3. Longer attentions span

At SIIST, with regular yoga sessions of 30 to 45 minutes a day for a period of 4 weeks, children will be able to show their focus longer on subjects.

4. Improved posture

Sitting hunched over a desk for long hours leads to chronic pain and reduces breathing capacity. Yoga will make you more aware of your body and trained your mussels to align correctly. The practice of yoga will bring the positive change in mood and attitude, increased energy label and the ability to focus on what is required by setting aside distracting thoughts in a student.

Some of the advantages in yoga
• Improves flexibility of mussels
• Correct the posture of the body
• Renders batter digestive system.
• Strengths internal organs
• Cures Asthma
• Cures Diabetes.
• Helps in skin glow
• Helps in curing heart related problems
• Promotes strength and stamina
• Improves concentration
• Helps in mind and thought control
• Helps in releasing tensions
• Helps in blood circulations and muscle relaxation
• Keeps mind calm by overcoming anxiety, stress and depression.

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Hotel Management a Good Earner Option

As of the downfall of engineering and technical studies, we see the new beginning of management studies.

In all the different course of studies we see that management studies implying its importance in a very specific and niche industry named as Hotel, Hospitality and Tourism Industry.

As this industry is always happening and making a lot of money across the world, it gives a great opportunity to all the students of different subjects to choose this for a better career in future.

So for which if their we have good Star properties or hotels in India which can attract more number of tourists from different countries and their will be services which would be exported for the exchange of currency and hence it will result for huge development of India and better jobs and better placements for the students for a complete global development.

Hotel management always deals with all the basic concepts of management science like Human resource management, Marketing management, Finance management, Operation management, Food management, Beverage management, Hospitality management, Housekeeping management and many more.

One of the major parts of Hotel management is Food production which gives immense knowledge in making different Kinds of dishes both nationally and internationally as every person’s satisfaction is food and it can attract everybody from different parts of the world. So by this we assure that Hotel management is a good and the best career option. For more details about Hotel management courses, please visit our website or call 9573732111.