Food Production Lab

Food Production is a department which is involved in preparation of food. A process, in which raw materials are cooked, combined and transformed to make a dish. The scope of Food Production has been widening at a faster pace in India as well as Abroad.

A Chef is involved from purchasing to deciding the menu, supervising the kitchen, maintaining the quality of food, sanitation standards, and coming up with new dishes. Food Production department comprises of main kitchen, banquet kitchen, soup section, pantry section, pastry section, baking & confectionary section, and vegetable section. Sections may vary based on the scale and star category of a hotel or hospitality establishment.

A Chef does more than cooking and has to handle many responsibilities. Being a Chef requires great experience and a flair for cooking. A Chef is responsible for overseeing subordinates and the work they do. Chef is responsible for menu planning and menu engineering nd special dishes to be added from time to time. He/she is also responsible for creating recipes, indenting and costing. A Chef supervises the purchasing, preparation of food, organization of kitchen, equipments required in the kitchen, recruitment of staff, maintaining the cleanliness and inspecting the quality of raw materials to be used in cooking; at the same time be aware of safety standards.

Promotion from a junior Chef to a head chef may take years and is competitive, but if you have that extra edge and are focused, one could be a famous Chef at a young age. Pursuing a career as a Chef is challenging, exciting and rewarding at the same time.

Food production department is an important operational department in the hospitality industry. Here the students will learn more about the cooking skills. It is art of cooking food and making food look more attractive by using different types of ingredients which are edible. It is one of the main revenue generating department in the hospitality sector.

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