Seminar is occupied by Mr Santosh Training manager and Mr Pradeep Mishra food and beverage Manager from Dolphin hotel on February 4th 2020.

The session was dedicated by guiding students in making better career choices and opportunities in hotel industry. They also shared their experience is what they have. They engaged the students in continuous one on one discussion which made it even more interesting. They also answer for lot of queries of the students and the session concluded with a very interesting crossword contest, students benefit tremendously with this session and their engagement with speaker proved to be an excellent platform to make strong and intelligent decisions for their career.


Guest lecture by Dr .Deepa Mohan on the topic of LIFE SKILLS was given on 14th February 2020.

She explained detailed on how the youngsters of current generation facing the problems by strucking their life into the social media.

She also gave examples on the students how they are escaping from the situations, instead of facing them, and Council the students on committing suicide by saying "it is not a choice to survive; it is a choice to escape the situations ". At the end of the session students got very interesting facts about their life’s.


Mr.Sadiq director of food and beverage service had conducted the seminar on August 20, 2019 to motivate students.

He explained about food and beverage department and career in f&b service. He started guiding students for making better career choice in the hotel industry. He also shared his experience what he faced while he is working and cleared the queries of students. The session is ended with the highly informative and motivating.

SEMINAR - 3 FOR 2019

Seminar on cruise lines is organised on 9th November 2019. The speaker of this program was Mr Sai Kumar who is presently working in The World Cruise ship as a food and beverage director for entire department. He explains about the job roles and life in Cruise lines.

The present who himself is a source of motivation to students by giving examples from his whole life and inspired students to be a self motivator. The speaker explains in detail about the cruise world. He gave the video presentation which gives the deep information on the topic